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The new lowercase people site by switchfoot is all about the following: music, visuals, words, justice, goods, and past.  Read more about it at

Hey everyone again welcome to my website took forever but well worth it well i'll be adding and trying to keep up with the news so keep coming back for more news pictures, backrounds, and of course my words of wisdom for the week or day that could change i'm also thinking of putting some contests up so watch out fot that ...
Read below for some of th newest news from the none other switchfoot...

ALL THE SF NEWS well not all cuz im not gonna be all obsessive like below

New news TIM JUST TURNED THE BIG Two Seven to make you feel better tim ya look nothng like 27 in a good way well just decided to make a big b-day shout out to ya!!!

Gosh i want to go don't you??
Tour dates were just announced and now theirs exactley 69 days left as of august 9th  till they start playing alot of their new stuff to sold out crowds....Of couse not one of the crowd members will be me but to all of you who are gonna be at one or two all i gots to say is you guys are too dang lucky j/k you all probably deserve it so have fun for me....


Nothing is Sound album is gonna come out in let me see here... in 35, 36 days?? so pre-order by clicking my link under the pic, get it or be sqaure its actually be there or be square but your gonna be square if you don't get it so just get it..

"STARS" pictures...jerome where are you in the vid?
Catch the "Stars" videos on Tvulive and vh1... 
Stars pictures^ from the actual video "stars"